Asteroid Diary: Desiderata

Asteroid Diary: Desiderata
Sep 2014

[photo1] Francois Gerard [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Asteroid Desiderata was discovered in 1892 and named after Desiree Clary, a woman who became the queen of Sweden and Norway, was engaged to Napoleon, and was apparently the cat's meow, like the Angelina Jolie of her time. This asteroid represents something you want but can't have unless everything were to come together perfectly.

Desiderata is number 344 on astro.com. My Desiderata is in Cancer and my 9th house, so I yearn to be free, to roam wild, to be a little crazy Sagittarius, to be at home as an adventurer . . . oh paradise. That actually plays in well with the fact my Sun-Moon midpoint is in Sagittarius, and the asteroid of my name (forthcoming post) is also in Sagittarius. Hmm . . . Desiderata is conjunct a bunch of asteroids in my chart: Arachne (natural talents), Sphinx (possible psychic powers), Crantor (emotional sensitivity and abuse), Eurydike (dependence), and Ceto (recovering from

devastation). Yikes! So I yearn to utilize my natural talents, embrace my intuitiveness, be free from emotional sensitivity and dependence, and recover from trauma? I think I'm yearning for too much!

When your Desiderata is on something in someone else's chart, you annoy them by telling them what they need to change about themselves or their life. My Desiderata falls on my mother's Mars, and I tried to get that woman to change for years. She never listened and always got angry with me for it. Although in my defense, she really did need to change.

In transit, Desiderata shows what you're yearning for now. Desiderata is currently in Cancer, and crosses over my 9th house cusp soon, gearing up for a Desiderata return. Oh boy! To find where Desiderata currently is located you can use astro.com (go to extended chart selection, then click on ephemeris, and type 344 in the additional asteroids and other objects section). So what are you yearning for?